Canadian Auto Workers Approve New Deal with Ford

The United Auto Workers may not care for Ford’s proposed contract, but their fellow autoworkers in Canada do. The Canadian Auto Workers union has reportedly voted in favor of a new agreement, which largely mirrors the one offered to the UAW.

According to the Detroit News, approximately 83 percent of Ford’s CAW workforce voted for the new agreement. Although that appears to be something of a landslide victory, CAW officials say it’s not a sign of satisfaction.

“No one should mistake workers’ approval as satisfaction with the new agreement,” said Ken Lewenza, president of the CAW. “Members had faith in the union to negotiate

The new agreement eliminates workers’ right to strike, one week’s paid time off, and also installs a freeze on wages. At the same time, Ford promised to add additional work at its engine plant in Windsor, Ontario, to help replace the nearly 1400 jobs lost when Ford kills the Crown Victoria, which is built in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Although Ford posted some good financial news, Lewenza realizes the company isn’t completely out of the woods yet.

“Ford has a lot of debt,” he told the News. “Our costs are high, relative to U.S. plants, particularly given the strength of the [Canadian dollar]. They actually talked about disinvesting in Canada if we didn’t extend the pattern bargaining to them.”

Source: Detroit News (1, 2)

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