Autodromo Launches Sharp New Group B Colorway with Silver Dial

The colorful Group B lineup becomes even more vibrant

For some strange reason, if the unique and very colorful Autodromo Group B wasn’t offered in a colorway that suited your hyper-picky palate, check out the brand’s newest variant. Building off the success of the Evolutzione model from earlier last year, buyers can now pick up a yellow Group B with a silver dial pulled from the special edition.

Lined up next to one of the original watches, the case and “chassis” of the new colorway remains the same steel and titanium design, but does away with the black dial in place of the Evoluzione’s metallic silver dial. The regular Group B is a sharp design—with the new bright dial, the already colorful watch becomes even more vibrant.

Underneath the 39mm case, the Group B still packs the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, providing robust reliability and low running costs. Up top, sapphire crystal gives a scratch-resistant glimpse at the new silver dial.

Just like the existing models, the new variant arrives in the same sweet aluminum case with two nylon NATO-style straps modeled after racing harnesses. The price remains the same as well, with each Group B starting at $925. If you’re not a fan of yellow, the Autodromo is offered in red, blue, and until recently, white. Head over to to check out its full lineup.