Audi Adding 11 Models to Expand Lineup by 2020

Upon selling the 1.5 millionth Audi model since the beginning of this year, Audi chairman Rupert Stadler announced a goal of selling two million vehicles annually in the global market by 2020. This aggressive expansion plan will be highlighted by a product initiative to expand the Audi range from 49 models up to 60 models by 2020.

We expect numerous new Audi Q crossover models to be a large part of this lineup expansion. Our European correspondent Georg Kacher predicted earlier this year that Audi would introduce Q2, Q6, and Q8 models by 2020. We've since heard that the Q2, a compact crossover based on the next Volkswagen Polo's platform, will actually wear a Q1 badge. The Q6 will be based on the next-generation Q5 crossover and will be a coupe-like version of the four-door, more conventional Q5; likewise, the Q8 is expected to be a sleeker, sportier version of the next-generation Audi Q7.

There have also been reports of a possible Audi V4, an MPV-like hatchback that would be based on Volkswagen's new MQB platform. Audi could also gain a variant of the Volkswagen Up! city car which may be called A0 if it becomes a reality. There have also been musings that the high-tech, ultra-efficient Volkswagen XL1 could spawn a more performance-oriented Audi version, potentially called the XS.

At the 2013 Frankfurt auto show earlier this year, Audi showed two concepts that may reach production, at least in limited numbers. The first was the Audi Sport Quattro Hybrid, a midsize, sporty notchback with a powerful hybrid drivetrain. This vehicle may become a sort of revival of the Audi Quattro from the 1980s, although it may switch out the hybrid system for a more conventional powerplant to save weight. The other Audi concept from Frankfurt, the Nanuk Quattro, was a strange blend of SUV and supercar based on the Italdesign Parcour concept. It may seem far-fetched for this model to go into production, but Audi executives in Frankfurt told us that the concept received strong interest from customers in the Middle East, Russia, and China.

Since Audi is saying the lineup will go from 49 models to 60, we can assume that some of these additions will be new variants of existing models, such as the high-performance Audi RS3 which is expected to join A3 and S3 variants next year. Additionally, given that S and RS versions of existing Q5 and Q3 crossovers already exist, we would bet that Audi is counting high-performance versions of the new Q6 and Q8 in its total of 11 new models.

That rounds out our speculation on Audi's 11 new products for now, so we'll have to wait and see what the automaker has in store for us over the next few years.

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