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Aston Martin's New/Old James Bond DB5 Comes with Actual Spy Gadgets

Here's a closer look at the continuation Goldfinger DB5's unique features.

Last year, Aston Martin announced plans to build 25 new DB5s in partnership with EON Productions, the company that produces the James Bond films. The continuation cars would be built as a tribute to the DB5's role in the movie Goldfinger, and most important, will  have several functional spy gadgets, just like the original car had in the film. The cars won't be road legal, but it's still cool.  Goldfinger DB5 production continues today, and now Aston Martin has provided a closer look at the spy gadgets it's building into each car. Here are seven of the coolest ones currently in development.

Smoke Screen

Not all spy gadgets need to be lethal. Some simply help you escape unseen. On the DB5, that means having a smoke-screen system installed in the rear of the car. We're not sure how effective it would actually be, but by 1960s movie logic, it was genius.

Oil Slick

Again, we're not sure this particular gadget would be very helpful in 2019. Tires are a lot more capable than they were 50 years ago, and spraying oil on the ground is less likely to cause someone to spin out. But if you're in a car chase, it can't hurt to give this taillight-mounted oil-delivery system a shot.

Revolving License Plates

Unlike the first two gadgets, the passage of time hasn't made this one any less useful. But instead of using it to fool the bad guys, a revolving license plate would make dodging tolls a breeze. It would be very illegal, and you definitely shouldn't try it, but we can dream, can't we?

Machine Guns

It doesn't get much cooler than a pair of machine guns hidden in the front driving lights of a DB5, and the continuation cars will still have them. Naturally, the twin front weapons won't be functional, but seeing them pop out from behind the light housings will always be cool.

Battering Rams

If you need to drive through a wall or push a bad guy's car off the road, the DB5's retractable front and rear battering rams should prove useful. And when you're a spy, those kinds of things apparently happen all the time. Gotta be prepared, right?

Ejector-Seat Button

Sadly, there's no actual ejector seat; we're thinking that would have been one step too far for Aston Martin's legal team. (Two steps too far would have been operational guns.) Even though that's disappointing, you can at least pretend to shoot people out of the car with the button hidden in the DB5's shifter. Whether you make your own FWOOOOOSH sound is up to you.

Rear Bullet Shield

If you're a movie spy, you have to be ready for any car chase to involve the bad guys shooting at your car. So obviously, you need a bullet shield that can pop up and protect your rear window. Sure, it may negatively impact rear visibility, but on a car that isn't street legal, it's not like you'll have to parallel park with the bullet shield still up.