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Aston Martin Cygnet Sales Hurt by Supply Problems

Sales numbers for the Aston Martin Cygnet are just as small as the car itself, but Aston says it isn't  because people aren't buying them. Instead, Aston can't supply enough to meet demand, and customers are allegedly getting frustrated with the delay.

Aston previously aimed to sell 20,000 units of the gussied-up Toyota iQs per year, but has since missed the sales target, which it blames on supply issues. Like all other Astons, the city car is also hand-built and meticulously pieced together, albeit from a Toyota iQ. Aston Martin chairman Ulrich Bez thinks this process is ultimately  hurting Cygnet sales. He says the waiting time between a placed order and delivery of the car takes too long, and is turning customers off.

"We can't deliver as many as the customers want, as we don't have enough stock. It is the sort of product a customer sees and decides they want on the spot - they don't want to have to wait for their car to be built, but to drive it away there and then," said Bez.

The $32,000 city car went on sale this year, and Aston hopes sales will begin to pick up after Cygnet stores open in London and in Park Lane in the UK. The electric Toyota iQ, slated for sale in late 2012, will also be modified and sold as an electric Cygnet, marking  Aston's first foray into the EV market.

The Cygnet is currently restricted to European markets, but if the guys at Gaydon pick up the pace in producing the microcar, we may see it cruise stateside to satisfy the finer tastes of a few urban commuters.

Source: Autocar