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Porsche 918 Spyder Reimagined with a 2018 Facelift

Artist Aksyonov Nikita gets creative in Photoshop

Most cars go through mid-cycle refreshes. These usually include some small technical improvements, but mostly rely on a refreshed facelift that sees the front and rear bumpers changed. These facelifts happen with everything from Kias to Ferraris. Yet, there's one group of automobiles that never see a refreshed version: hypercars.

Their rarity, combined with steep prices, exclusivity, and already staggering performance makes their candidacy for refresh rather remote. However, one digital artist has decided to see what a Porsche 918 Spyder could look like if Porsche had decided to facelift the hybrid hypercar. And in one word, it's gorgeous.

The render, done by artist Aksyonov Nikita, took styling cues from the Mission E concept and revised both the front end and hood, and the rear fascia.

Up front, the "918 S" receives the same all-LED headlights from the Mission E, as well as a central hood fin integrated into a hood reminiscent of a Shelby Daytona Coupe.

At the back, the tail receives a new diffusor and single car-length rear taillight, similar to the Mission E, and upcoming 992-generation 911.

Furthermore, Aksyonov added a two-tone paint scheme that pairs perfectly with the car's new rakish look.

The 918 Spyder won't get an update, however, Porsche's global chief Oliver Blume, has stated that there will be a successor to the hypercar. Nevertheless, it won't be for quite some time.
Speaking with Motoring, Blume said, "We will have something in the future, but not in the near future. Special models like the 918 Spyder normally we launch every 10 years. It's not time to talk about this. It's something about which we can talk [about] in five years."

The 918 Spyder launched in 2015, which means we're not likely to see its successor, or even a concept, for at least a few more years, as the next hypercar wouldn't show up until 2025.