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Are These the New Ford Bronco's Removable Doors?

If so, they're super trick—there are hidden tube doors inside that can be reattached.

This week, it was reported that Ford had shown off the new Bronco at a recent dealer conference. And while Ford managed to stop photos of its new off-road SUV from leaking out (at least for now), it couldn't keep all the details it revealed a secret. Sources told Automotive News that the two- and four-door Broncos they saw had "a retro design," with round headlights and a rectangular grille. So anyone who was still worried the new Bronco would look like the current Ford Everest can breathe a sigh of relief. Interestingly, those sources also claimed the Bronco will come with removable doors and a removable roof, just like the Jeep Wrangler.

Then today we received a tip that a door-related patent filed by Ford Global Technologies in January 2018 also contained a sketch of the new Bronco. After some digging, we managed to unearth the patent drawings below, which do, in fact, show an off-road vehicle with removable doors. Sadly, it's just a generic two-door pickup truck with a bed cap rather than the Bronco. But that's not to say the patent isn't very interesting.

It appears that not only is this a patent for a removable door, it's a design for a removable door with an impact beam/tube door that can also be removed and reattached to the vehicle. So instead of needing to carry or store an extra set of partial doors that you can use to improve crash safety when the full doors are off, you have multiple options within a single set of doors. And since the hinges are modular, you can use them to with both the regular doors and the tube doors.

Regardless of whether we'll see this feature on the new Bronco or not, it's a really cool idea. But assuming it actually does make it to production, we're inclined to believe the dealer who told Automotive News the Bronco they saw "was twice as cool as I thought it would be."