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The New Jeep Gladiator Can Be Leased for $143 per Month

There are caveats, of course

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator's starting price of $35,040 is much higher than those of its rivals, but considering it comes standard with a V-6 engine and four wheel drive, that premium isn't a surprise. What is surprising is that Jeep is offering an extremely good lease deal on the brand-new pickup.

CarsDirect found the deal on Jeep's own configurator. Right now, buyers can lease a base Gladiator Sport with the six-speed manual for two years at a rate of $143 per month. If the lessee were to buy the vehicle instead, the payment would be $588 a month over 60 months. To put that lease price in perspective, $143 a month is roughly equivalent to spending five bucks at Starbucks every day.

Both offers assume a 10-percent down payment of $3,504. The lease deal also assumes a lease period of 24 months, and the big drawback is you're limited to 10,000 miles per year. But the combination of the 24-month lease period and the ultra-low mileage allowance contributes to very high residual values, according to CarsDirect. The base Sport model is projected to retain 89 percent of its value after the two-year lease period, though residuals for other trims are lower.

Of course, given all the factors that go into a lease payment, there's no guarantee buyers will actually receive that $143 deal when they get to the showroom. And expect much higher prices for some other versions. Leasing an Overland starts at $336 a month, while the Rubicon goes for $361. Still, there's another particularly good deal to be had on the base Sport with the eight-speed automatic transmission; these models can be leased from $151.