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The 2020 Audi A4 Is Refreshed: Here's What to Expect

New looks and some potentially high-tech hybrid hardware.

The Audi A4 ranks near the top of its class thanks to its advanced feature set, excellent build quality, sprightly acceleration, and eminently livable ride quality. For 2020, Audi is looking to improve on this formula with new features and some fresh styling elements. Read on to learn what's new on the 2020 Audi A4.

New Grille

The hexagonal grille has become wider and flatter. Also notice that the cut line of the hood no longer touches the upper edge of the grille.

New Lights

LED headlights come standard on the new A4, although buyers can opt for Matrix LED-style lights like we've seen on other models including the A7 and Q8. (Whether Americans will eventually be able to fully take advantage of the technology, which lights and dims individual LEDs to provide maximum illumination without blinding pedestrians and other drivers, is another thing.) The taillamps have been revised, too. Although Audi has only detailed the Euro-spec version as of this writing, expect the U.S. model to feature similar design updates. Full details on the U.S. model are coming later this year, we're told.

New Dimensions

Audi lists the new European-spec A4 as having a length of 187.5 inches. If the U.S. model follows suit, that would mean a 1.4-inch increase in length from the previous model. Unsurprisingly, given that the basic mechanical package carries over, the wheelbase remains unchanged at 111.0 inches.

New Touchscreen

On the old A4, the largest center infotainment screen you could get measured 8.3 inches. Now, the new A4's MMI system gets a 10.1-inch display. While the previous screen was controlled by a rotary knob, the knob has been binned and now the infotainment is controlled by touch, voice, and via the steering-wheel controls. Audi says the updated MMI setup features natural-language voice control so it can better understand phrases used in everyday speech.

New Mild Hybrid System

Audi is offering six turbocharged engines in Europe, if you count the S4. Engines will range in output from 148 to 342 horsepower, with the lineup including four- and six-cylinder diesel and gas engines. But the most interesting news might be that three of them will feature a new 12-volt mild hybrid system to lower fuel consumption. We don't know yet if one of those is our U.S.-spec, gas-fired 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder, but it's a possibility. We're fairly sure the turbocharged 3.0-liter gasoline V-6 in the S4 isn't included in that group, however, as it's not offered in Europe.