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2019 Shelby GT Ford Mustang Makes as Much as 700+ HP

Shelby American also introduces the GT-H

Among Mustang owners, few names carry more weight than Carroll Shelby's. The legendary racer's name is synonymous with high-performance Mustangs, and even after his death in 2012, Shelby American continues to sell tuned Mustang GTs. For 2019, that will include a revised Shelby GT and a new GT-H (pictured here).

Officially revealed at the Woodward Dream Cruise, the 2019 Shelby GT gets an upgraded suspension, custom bodywork, a Borla exhaust, unique wheels, and a handful of Shelby accents. Customers have their choice of a coupe or convertible with either a 10-speed automatic or six-speed manual. Thanks to the sports exhaust, the Shelby GT also makes a Bullitt-matching 480 hp. If you want more power, Shelby can add a Ford Performance supercharger that bumps engine output to more than 700 hp.

"We designed a gorgeous car to make any drive an adventure with thrilling performance and dynamic handling," said Gary Patterson, head of Shelby American, in a release. "The Shelby GT can gobble up miles on a road trip or rip up the corners on the track. It is equally fun cruising to the beach or to the office. Plus, this is the only naturally aspirated V-8 Shelby car that can be optioned in convertible and with an automatic transmission. Enthusiasts will love to drive it all day, every day."

Shelby will also introduce a Heritage version called the GT-H that's inspired by the Hertz rental cars Shelby built back in the mid-2000s. The GT-H can be ordered in either black or white and gets gold racing strips. Optional gold wheels are also available. To help separate the GT-H from the regular Shelby GT, it gets a restyled front end, as well as additional suspension upgrades.

The price of the GT-H has yet to be released, but Shelby says the GT starts at $61,345. Adding any of the other custom upgrades or options packages will increase the price from there, but the good news is, the cost of the Mustang GT is already included.