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2019 New and Future Cars: Volvo V60

The Swedish station wagon renaissance continues

By Volvo's own assertion, the 2019 V60 wagon represents the company's core. Treated to a complete rethink, the all-new wagon is sleek and sexy with clear inspiration from the V90. That sporty styling is more than skin deep, with a new emphasis on chassis dynamics, giving the car better turn-in and a fun-to-drive feel that will have owners seeking out winding back roads. Two powertrains will be offered in the U.S.: the front-drive, 250-hp T5 and the all-wheel-drive, 316-hp T6. An even sportier Polestar-tuned variant is rumored to be on the way.

"Moderate understeer is fine for a C/D-segment family wagon, and the superb steering provides a light touch with excellent feel and feedback. Aggressively bolstered front seats keep you in place nicely. There's moderate compliance, good grip, and decent fun to be had if you don't mind your kids spilling from their juice boxes," wrote Detroit editor Todd Lassa in his first drive review of the 2019 Volvo V60. "It's a driver's car the longer and farther you drive it, and while it's not quite a sports wagon, it's not an SUV or crossover, either (though a V60 CC is coming). Tweed-jacketed fans of Volvos past are likely to find it the most appealing new car in its price segment," he concluded.

On sale: Spring 2019
Base price: $40,000 (est)