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Lexus UX Keeps the Concept's Tailfins for Production

And it appears to be a hybrid

Some of the things Lexus has planned for the Geneva Motor Show this year sound pretty dull. Europe will get its first look at both the three-row RX L and the LF-1 Limitless concept, and to celebrate the F division's 10th anniversary, Lexus created a special edition RC F.

That said, it looks like the production version of the UX concept  will also debut, and if it still looks anything like the concept (pictured below), it will be anything but dull.

When Lexus first showed off the UX concept back in 2016, we were told it was only a design study. About six months later, however, we heard it had been greenlit for production as a crossover one size smaller than the Lexus NX.

Considering how bold and aggressive the concept's styling was, we weren't sure how much it would get watered down by the time we saw the final version. Based on a brightened version of the teaser image that Lexus sent out, it doesn't look like much has changed. Including the weird-but-cool tailfins.

Brightening the teaser image also reveals what looks like a UX 250h badge. Aside from confirming that the UX will get a hybrid version, the 250h badge also suggests less power than the NX 300h's 194 hp.

Other versions may be quicker, but it's probably safe to assume the hybrid UX will prioritize fuel economy over speed. Expect the UX to also cost a good bit less than the $37,000 or so it takes to get into a base NX.

Beyond those few details, we don't know much, but we expect to find out more when Lexus reveals the production UX in Geneva on March 6.