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GALLERY: 2019 Lexus ES 300h

Luxury and comfort at 44 mpg

The 2019 Lexus ES 300h hybrid made its debut in April alongside the 2019 ES 350. Power comes from a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle I-4 that makes 176 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque (increases 20 and 12, respectively) of plus an electric motor that adds 39 hp for a total system output of 215 hp (15 hp more than the 2018 ES 300h). Al electronically controlled continuously variable transmission handles power management. Interestingly, the new ES uses a proven nickel-metal hydride battery instead of a newfangled lithium-ion one.

Lexus estimates that the gas-sipping luxury sedan will achieve an impressive 44/45 mpg city/highway (an increase of 4/5 mpg) but the price you pay for savings at the pump is a 0-60 mph time of 8.1 seconds and a top speed of just 112 mph.

Like the ES 350, the 2019 Lexus ES 300h goes on sale in September.