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Eight Fabulous Things About the 2018 Range Rover LWB

Delusions of grandeur meet today’s reality

Eleonor Segurawriter, photographer

The Range Rover was on my cars-after-graduating-college list when I was making the transition from high school to college. My teenage mindset convinced me that a college degree would make me a millionaire; therefore, I'd be able to afford whatever I desired no matter the price. Although some of my choices were unreasonable, e.g., a Porsche Carrera GT—a laughable delusion now, it was entertaining to dream up my ultimate car collection then.

When I matured into a grown-up, real life turned its light on, and the likelihood of owning a Range Rover vanished. Frankly, I'd have to sell my home in order to afford one. Lucky for me though, I took a 2018 Range Rover Supercharged LWB for a test drive and here are eight features and accessories that make it fabulous.

  1. Powered Split Tailgate

Whenever I go on a road trip I normally toss my bags in the rear seat, but I couldn't pass on using the Range Rover's cargo storage space. Of all the features and accessories the powered split tailgate delighted me the most. What sets this tailgate apart from the rest of the crowd is the clamshell that by the push of a button opens downward automatically. Even though I didn't get a chance to use the clamshell in a more interesting situation I imagined all the possibilities: camping in Yosemite, a picnic at a Baja beach town, rest area pit stop, and so much more.

  1. Door Mirror Switch Touchpad

The Range Rover's uniquely designed door mirror switch deviates from standards and simplifies adjusting the door mirrors. You can select the left or right door mirror by pressing down on either side of the touchpad eliminating the use of a separate button. This modern touchpad design is elegant and definitely a trendsetter in the luxury SUV segment.

  1. Electronic Air Suspension with Automatic Height Access

To make it easier to enter or exit the Rover, Automatic Height Access lowers the suspension automatically when a door is opened or the ignition is turned off. The vehicle height can also be lowered from the driver door touchpad switch. And just in case you need to load heavier items such as furniture or home improvement materials you can lower the rear with a button in the cargo storage space.

  1. Soft Door Close

Adding to convenience this feature gently shuts your door automatically when the door arrives within an inch or so from closing. This is especially useful when your arms are filled with groceries and the only way to close a door is with a hip bump. I could also see small children benefiting from this as the doors in the Range Rover are a bit on the heavier side.

  1. Massive Rear Doors

The Rover's rear doors are technically not a feature or special accessory, however their unusual size prompted me to shed some light on them. I didn't notice the length of the LWB rear doors until my nephew jubilantly pointed them out and expressed how awesome they were. Every time I opened the giant rear doors to load the kids into the back I felt like their chauffeur, which made it a fun ride for them. The unconventional door size gives the Range Rover a grander appearance and will make its rear occupants feel like first class passengers.

  1. Electric Rear Side Window Blinds

Do your rear passengers need more privacy or protection from the sun's UV rays? The electric rear side window blinds have got you covered. Rear seat passengers can pull these babies up by pressing the button with a window icon on the door panel. Another way to pull the rear side window blinds is by pulling the driver door window switch.

  1. Rear Passenger Door Touchpad Functions

Besides the standard power window switch on the door panel, rear passengers have a multifunction touchpad switch with some really neat functions. Passengers can open the roof sunlight shade, turn on two types of reading lights, and mute the rear audio.

  1. Waterproof Activity Key

The Range Rover can be locked or unlocked with the waterproof activity key wristband and it does not require the use of a key fob. Surfers, swimmers, and paddle boarders, must love this feature. Does this accessory have any more practical use? Of course it does. I would use the activity wristband during my weekly five-mile walk because—why not?

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