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2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Spied with Tweaks

New bumper and LED headlights

A 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class prototype was spied recently with light camouflage treatments over the front and rear ends of the sedan, with the front end seeming to be getting most of the attention for this light refresh.

The bumper is still completely masked to hide the latest aerodynamic flourishes and fog light updates while the grille shutters of the black Benz are closed due to the obvious extreme cold temperature testing, but our spy managed to snap a few close-ups of the new multi-beam LED headlight kit.

Instead of the units seen on last year's C- E-, and S-Class models, this version gets two additional vertical LED high beams in the far corners of the light assembly. The system uses four control units to calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times a second, according to Mercedes-Benz.

When adaptive high beam assist plus is used, the main beam helps illuminate the road with better precision and distribution of bright light while cornering on twisty roads without blinding oncoming traffic.

The two new LEDs seen in the recent spy shots could be infrared LED spotlights that may also assist in the night view assist mode that helps detect people and animals that may be unseen by the driver under low light conditions.

Around back, the adaptive brake lights are still masked substantially, but we can also see that they remain mostly unchanged in size and dimension.

The adaptive lights warn other vehicles by flashing rapidly in the event the driver has to stop suddenly from speeds above 30 mph or during emergency braking.

Overall, the C-Class largely remains the same, at least from the outside, and the latest tweets will have to placate owners until an all-new C-Class sedan breaks cover in 2019 or so.