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2018 Lexus LC Coupe Production Ramps Up in Europe

Final assembly occurs in LFA birthplace

Lexus' flagship LC coupes destined for Europe have begun assembly in Lexus' Motomachi plant in Japan, the birthplace of the LFA supercar.

The factory has been retooled for production of the luxury automaker's newest model. Engineers in the final assembly area work in an all-white environment, which Lexus says helps employees focus on their tasks. Each worker's job on the assembly line takes 20 minutes to allow enough time for quality control.

Lexus employs heavy use of glass and LED lighting along the assembly line so workers can examine their work with accuracy. This includes an inspection zone for the exhaust silencer with thicker glass to isolate idiosyncracies in sound quality.

Lexus offers the LC coupe with a V-8 engine producing 467 hp or a hybrid drivetrain featuring a 295-hp V-6 coupled with a 59-hp electric motor.

Shifts are delivered through a 10-speed automatic for all-gas models while the hybrid gets two transmissions: a conventional four-speed automatic and a CVT managed through the Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System. All coupes put their power down through the rear wheels.

Lexus says LC coupes will be delivered to European showrooms in August but has not yet announced details on pricing.