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Cadillac Announces Japan-Only "White Edition" for 2017 ATS, CTS

Not for U.S. consumption

While Cadillac remains moderately successful in the U.S., the luxury brand has struggled to gain traction overseas. A lack of dealer network, brand recognition, and past reliability and quality issues stunt international appeal, but that hasn't stopped General Motors from trying. As part of this pursuit, Cadillac created the special "White Edition" for the CTS and ATS.

As you might glean from the name, the White Edition's special features are limited to simple aesthetic changes. All three iterations of the package arrive draped in Crystal White Turi Court Paint, contrasted well with bright 19-inch wheels. Inside, all three cars carry a leather package and an electric sunroof.

Pick either the ATS sedan or coupe, and the interior will arrive with Light Platinum and Jet Back touches, accompanied by some handsome Sapele wood trim pieces. The CTS' interior is trimmed in Kona Brown with the same Jet Black pieces. In place of the Sapele, the CTS is fitted with Elm trim.

No matter the configuration, buyers will receive the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder under the front hood, sending power to the rear wheels in the ATS' and all-four wheels in the CTS.

The White Edition is limited to 20 units, with no word on numbers for the individual models. Prices range from roughly $57,300 for the ATS Sedan White Edition to roughly $78,400 for the CTS White Edition.

Don't want to drive a white car after Labor Day? Cadillac Japan offers the ATS Luxury Sport Edition in either Sable Black or Crystal White. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can also grab the keys to the ATS Coupe and CTS Blue Edition.

The Cadillac ATS and CTS White Editions won't make landfall on our shores, but it's likely you can pick one of the two models up in a similar spec.