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2016 Porsche Boxster Refresh Spied With Hints to New Powertrain

New Boxster likely hides turbo-four power.

Spy photographers caught the refreshed 2016 Porsche Boxster out and about with minimal camouflage, showing a series of visual tweaks that hint at an updated powertrain.

We have already had plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the return of the four-cylinder Porsche, with Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller confirming the arrival of a turbo flat-four to Automotive News back in May. According to Mueller, the power could potentially see a jump up to 395 hp, up from 315 in the current Boxster S and 325 hp in the current Cayman S.

In preparation for the new boosted engines, the side intakes have been opened up a bit more, now featuring a second foil on the interior of the scoop to increase directional airflow. Around the front of the spied Boxster, the front fascia has modified lower inlets. The headlights receive the same four-dot LED treatment as the Porsche 918, Cayenne, and Panamera models, originally sourced from the Porsche 919 Hybrid Le Mans race car.

The rear has received plastic surgery as well, with a refreshed lower bumper fascia as well, with a different exhaust outlet area, and additional reflective strips near the middle of the rear haunches.

Look for more details later this year as we crawl closer to the official debut. In the meantime, take a look at the spied Boxster in the photo gallery below.

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