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2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Features Sony Home Audio Tech

Ford and Sony have joined forces to deliver a new 500-watt sound system for the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum, which will feature two industry-firsts: Sony's Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technologies originally developed for premium home audio systems.

To integrate the sound system into the new Explorer, Sony engineers spent over 100 hours tuning the system to give drivers and passengers the best in-car experience. The system features 12 high-power speakers in 10 locations, an all-new Class D amplifier that doesn't strain the speakers, as well as a subwoofer with an 8-inch driver and 12-liter enclosure, door woofers, and chrome tweeters for sound integrity.

"This technology was previously available only in our high-end home audio systems," said Goro Shiraishi, a concertmaster with the Sony Philharmonic Orchestra, in a release. "We've now applied the algorithm of Live Acoustics to Ford Explorer Platinum's audio system to transform the listening experience to be among the finest in the world."

Clear Phase optimizes the sound to make it seem like it's coming from a stage larger than the Explorer. Vocals are clarified, and the technology even helps to eliminate sound dispersion. The technology helps each instrument have its own "space" in the vehicle so no one sound overpowers another.