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2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe - Four Seasons Wrap-Up

The Brits can still make a sharp high-performance coupe

Jake HolmeswriterAutomobile Staffphotographer

When the Jaguar F-Type convertible leapt onto the scene in 2012, it served notice to the world that the British marque was once again committed to building the (C-, D-, E-) type of sports cars that had cemented the brand's standing in the automotive pantheon.

Voluptuous, fiery, and athletic, the F-Type combined glamour and performance, easily earning a spot on our 2014 All-Star list. So when the even more gorgeous F-Type coupe washed ashore from Coventry, we immediately signed up for a Four Seasons test to see how both the car and our infatuation with it would hold up as months passed.

We were tempted to opt for the F-Type's hottest engine, a supercharged V-8, but we decided to go with the midlevel supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 packing 380 horsepower backed by an eight-speed automatic, a nice balance of power and efficiency. Lest you think the six is a slouch, our F-Type S Coupe got to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and still managed to average about 21 mpg combined. (The EPA estimates 22 mpg.)

This particular car came to us already loaded with $14,650 of options, including the sex-appeal-enhancing $3,400 Performance package (louder dual-mode exhaust, a flat-bottom steering wheel, sports seats) and the $2,700 Extended Leather package (we chose fabulous Redzone with jet-black stitching). The $2,400 Vision Pack 2 included blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors, and a backup camera, and the $1,800 Premium Pack 2 netted luxury-car requisites including power seats and dual-zone climate control. Add in other bits such as satellite radio, a panoramic sunroof (which has since become standard on F-Type coupes), upgraded paint and wheels, and heated seats, and the bottom line hit a substantial $92,575.

The F-Type also scored big with, well, pretty much anyone who saw it, bringing out the smartphone-wielding paparazzi by the score. Done up in Rhodium Silver paint and black 19-inch wheels, the Jag made an impression even on Angelenos jaded by the omnipresence of high-end cars. "Crowds gather at every gas station to rush me with compliments and questions," noted copy editor Kara Snow.

One night a stranger, apparently jealous of the car's good looks, smashed the Jag's windscreen, leading to a $1,128.25 bill for new glass. (The scofflaw, who'd vandalized several other cars in the area, was soon apprehended by the 5-0.) After that, your author volunteered to drive the car back to our Detroit office from L.A. in late January, so the sunny-day-only factory tires needed to be replaced by a set of snow-ready Bridgestone Blizzaks.

My father joined me for the cross-country drive, relishing the chance to stretch the Jag's legs on the flat, straight, and nearly deserted roads across the Southwest. "I can see why you're addicted to this," he said as we roughly traced the path of Route 66, speeding through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. After a quick stop under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, we turned north for the blast back to Michigan. The decision to add the Blizzaks more than paid off when we hit a whiteout snowstorm in Indiana.

The F-Type's 11-cubic-foot trunk was just barely big enough to fit our clothes, laptops, and cameras, but we were surprisingly comfortable in the cabin. Though a performance machine at heart, the Jag didn't beat us up over the 2,000-plus-mile trek as much you might expect from a purpose-built sports coupe with a 171-mph top speed. And the F-Type continued to attract envious glances and elicit inquiries at every gas station, diner, and hotel we stopped at.

No sooner had the car reached our Detroit office than it was commandeered for a back-to-back southern fun run with our Four Seasons Chevrolet Corvette. The 460-hp Corvette was predictably the stronger performer on Kentucky's winding back roads, but our editors said they would rather live with the F-Type over longer periods. "The Jaguar F-Type is a lovely, cultured girl whom we would be proud to drive home to Mother," we wrote.

The weather warmed up, and we switched the Jag back to proper performance rubber. The original Pirelli P Zeroes were pretty much shredded, so we visited Tire Rack's giant warehouse in South Bend, Indiana, for a fresh set. To break in its sticky new paws, we unleashed our supercharged kitty on Michigan's Grattan Raceway. The F-Type stormed past other cars on the track's main straight, its brakes held up all day long, and according to one track-day attendee the exhaust "sounded orgasmic." But in the bends the Jag's heft and compliant suspension let us down a bit. "The steering feel is excellent, but overall the Jag is a mess on track," reported one editor. "Very twitchy, hard to drive smoothly at the limit."

As the miles ticked on, a few other flaws stuck in our craws. The chopped roof reduces over-your-shoulder vision to almost nil, the plastic air dam scrapes over speed bumps, and we occasionally struggled to switch the finicky electric shifter between reverse and drive. "I wouldn't want to live with this car every day," said daily news editor Joey Capparella, who especially disliked the car's so-so info-tainment system (a soft spot of the 2015 model that Jag is addressing on newer cars). "The touchscreen's graphics are low-resolution and look dated, and the navigation's usability is way behind the rest of this car's competition."

In addition, as an impressive counterexample to those fond of belittling Jaguar's historic penchant for being less than reliable, our F-Type needed precious little care during its year with us. An oil change and inspection at 13,716 miles cost $188.69, and we didn't need another one until the odometer showed 29,618 miles. Banging over potholed roads bent two wheels and upset the car's alignment after 22,501 miles, which set us back nearly $400. Only two true quality issues popped up: a couple of rattling speakers that the Jaguar dealer replaced for free and a check-engine light at 26,553 miles that turned out to be a faulty oxygen sensor.

When the time finally came for the F-Type to head back to Jaguar, we all fought for one more night behind the wheel. A riot on the street, relatively fun on the track, and mouthwatering from every angle, the F-Type was a car we never got tired of driving. Above all, the F-Type got us to pay attention to Jaguar again. It proved that the brand is back in the business of making cars that drive well and look great while doing so. A fun, relatively trouble-free year with this gorgeous coupe makes us all the more excited to try the 3 Series-fighting XE sedan and the Porsche Macan-rivaling F-Pace crossover.

Pros & Cons

+ Supermodel looks
+ Goes like a rocket, sounds like one too
+ Well-appointed interior
- Handling more grand tourer than gran turismo
- Poor outward visibility
- Slow, cumbersome electronics

2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe Running Costs


4-yr/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper
4-yr/50,000-mile powertrain
12-yr/unlimited-mile corrosion
4-yr roadside assistance
Scheduled Maintenance
13,716 mi: Oil change and courtesy inspection, $188.69
29,618 mi: Oil change, new cabin air filter, courtesy inspection, $233.97
Warranty Repairs
23,864 mi: Replace right-rear subwoofer, front door speakers, and replace lost key-fob blade
26,553 mi: Replace oxygen sensor
14,620 mi: Install new windshield, $1,128.25
14,721 mi: Mount and balance Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 winter tires, $100
22,501 mi: Mount and balance original Pirelli P Zero summer tires, perform four-wheel alignment, repair bent front wheels, $494
22,890 mi: Purchase, mount, and balance new Pirelli P Zero summer tires, $1,334.30
31,476 mi: Remove and plug nail puncture in rear tire, free
Fuel Consumption:
EPA city/highway/combined:
19/27/22 mpg
Observed: 20.56 mpg
Cost Per Mile
(Fuel, service, winter tires) $0.25
($1.38 including depreciation)
Trade-In Value
*Estimate based on information from Intellichoice

Our Test Results
0-60 mph 4.3 sec
60-0 mph 109 ft
1/4-mile 12.9 sec @ 107.4 mph
Skidpad 0.90 g


  • Body style 2-door coupe
  • Accommodation 2-passenger
  • Construction Aluminum unibody
  • Base price (with dest. ) $77,925
  • As tested $92,575


  • Engine 24-valve DOHC supercharged V-6
  • Displacement 3.0 liters (183 cu in)
  • Power 380 hp @ 6500 rpm
  • Torque 339 lb-ft @ 3500-5000 rpm
  • Transmission 8-speed automatic
  • Drive Rear-wheel
  • EPA Fuel Economy 19/27/22 (city/hwy/combined)


  • Steering Electrically assisted
  • Lock-to-lock 2.5 turns
  • Turning circle 35.8 ft
  • Suspension, Front Control arms, coil springs
  • Suspension, Rear Control arms, coil springs
  • Brakes F/R Vented discs
  • Wheels 19-inch aluminum
  • Tires Pirelli P Zero
  • Tire size 245/40R-19 (94Y), 275/35R-19 (96Y)


  • Headroom F/R 37.0 in
  • Legroom F/R 43.0 in
  • Shoulder room F/R 56.5 in
  • Wheelbase 103.2 in
  • Track F/R 62.8/64.9 in
  • L x W x H 176.0 x 75.7 x 51.5 in
  • Passenger capacity 51.9 cu ft
  • Cargo capacity 11.0 cu ft
  • Weight 3514 lb (est. )
  • Weight dist. F/R 50.0/50.0% (est. )
  • Fuel capacity 19.0 gal
  • Est. fuel range 410 miles
  • Fuel grade 91 octane (premium)


  • standard equipment

    • Adaptive suspension
    • Active exhaust
    • Limited slip differential
    • High-performance braking system
    • Dynamic and winter driving modes
    • Xenon headlights
    • Dynamic stability control
    • Meridian surround-sound audio system
    • Keyless entry and ignition
    • Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity
    • Sport seats
    • 6-way power seats
    • Navigation
    • Remote hatch release


  • options for this vehicle:

    • Performance package S- $3400
    • Performance seats
    • Configurable dynamic mode
    • Super performance brakes w/red calipers
    • Flat-bottomed steering wheel
    • Selectable active exhaust
    • Interior black pack
    • Extended leather package- $2700
    • Vision package two- $2400
    • Adaptive and intelligent front lighting
    • Front parking assist
    • Rearview camera
    • Blind spot monitoring system
    • Premium package two- $1800
    • 14-way power seats
    • Automatic dual-zone climate control
    • Homelink
    • 19-inch black Centrifuge aluminum wheels- $1500
    • Panoramic glass roof- $1200
    • Rhodium Silver metallic paint- $600
    • Climate package w/heated seats and steering wheel- $600
    • HD radio and SiriusXM satellite radio w/trial subscription- $450