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2014 BMW M4 Teased

We get a quick listen to the new turbocharged six.

BMW's M division has released a 17-second teaser video previewing "something new" from the brand. There is only one thing it can be: the 2014 BMW M4.

Since the clip is quite short, we don't get to see much - just a man standing at a computer terminal, looking on at a bright-yellow car. His computer commands are revving the engine - what we can assume is a powertrain durability test - until the car takes off, leaving the frame. All we can see of the vehicle is a bit of the bulging hood and a blacked-out A-pillar. However, what we can here is more important: this new M car is definitely powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine. Given the automaker's produce cadence, this is clearly the BMW M4.

The clues in the video match past reports of the BMW M4 coupe (and its M3 sedan counterpart) being powered by a 450-hp twin-turbo I-6 in place of the current car's 414-hp naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V-8. We also have a good idea that this is probably a 4 Series variant, since the end of the video has a link to another clip on the 2014 4 Series.

The video doesn't indicate when we'll know more, just to "stay tuned." If you want a hint at what the 2014 M4 will look like, just take a look at the 2014 BMW 4 Series equipped with M Performance parts (pictured). A revised front fascia has larger air intakes, while the re-sculpted rear end integrates a diffuser and BMW's air curtain ducts. The interior is decked out in Alcantara and carbon fiber trim.

With the release of this initial teaser, we can only assume that the 2014 BMW M4's official debut can't be far off. We've already spotted the car out testing numerous times in near-production guise. As the video says, stay tuned.

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