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2010 Infiniti EX Gains Legroom, New Marketing Approach

After only one year on the market, the Infiniti EX crossover is being substantially tweaked for 2010.

As a result, rear-seat passengers will discover more legroom in the 2010 model.;
Though the crossover was initially marketed towards single women or couples, the EX has often been shopped by families with kids, who were turned off by the cramped rear seat and small cargo area.

Though no specifics were given,; Larry Dominique, Nissan's North American vice president of product planning,; said the company was "going to make some changes there."

Also slated for revision is the EX's marketing campaign.; Along with shifting the marketing focus from singles to families, Infiniti's also working with dealers on selling the crossover to traditional sedan buyers.

Perhaps sweetening the deal will be the availability of the; Around View Monitor - Infiniti's parking aid - on lower-end EX models.

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