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2010 BMW X1 Spied

These spy shots give us our first clear look at the 2010 BMW X1, which will try to mine yet another crossover niche.

The pictures indicate the X1 will bear a strong resemblance to the X3, but on a considerably smaller scale. This is hardly surprising considering it will share suspension bits with the larger crossover, but derive much of its platform and powertrain options from the 1-Series. Shots of the front reveal the baby crossover wears the signature oversized kidney bean grill.

BMW has big plans for the X1, hoping to sell around 60,000 units per year. To get that volume, expect this crossover to hew more toward efficiency and value than any other recent BMW. It will likely include some of the fuel saving technology found on the more expensive 3-Series, including stop-start. What’s more, we hear this crossover could itself form the basis of the Mini crossover that will debut in concept form at the 2008 Paris motor show.

Should the crossover meet its target weight and price of around 3400 lbs and $35,000 respectively, the X1 could offer a combination of budget performance, style, and practicality that proves irresistible to buyers who at the present would shop for a loaded Toyota Rav4 or .