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Porsche Panamera Revealed

Joe Loriowriters

Porsche has released the first official pictures of its upcoming Panamera four-door GT, ahead of its debut next spring (likely at the Geneva motor show). Mechanical details are scant, but the company did reveal a few basics.

Whereas Porsche's sports cars are powered by the storied flat six, the Panamera follows the lead of the Cayenne SUV and uses front-mounted, V-6 and V-8 engines. Output ranges from 300 hp for the base V-6 to 500 hp for the most potent, turbocharged V-8. A hybrid is also in the works, but will not be ready at launch.

The Panamera Turbo will come standard with all-wheel drive-lesser models send power to their rear wheels, but will offer AWD as an option. Porsche's new, 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (which made its debut earlier this year in the 911 and is just now going into the Boxster and the Cayman) will be available, as will a traditional, 6-speed manual.

The low-slung four-seater features a rear hatch for cargo access, and folding rear seatbacks. At 55.8 inches tall, it's some 4 inches taller than a 911; its 76-inch width exceeds the wide-body 911 Turbo by a bit more than 3 inches. Overall length is 195.7 inches, nearly 8 inches greater than a Cayenne. Like the Cayenne, the Panamera will be assembled at Porsche's Leipzig, Germany factory. U.S. deliveries start next fall.