2009 Pontiac G3 Officially Unveiled

Although the EPA spoiled the surprise weeks ago by publishing the car's fuel economy online, GM would still like to announce this - the subcompact 2009 Pontiac G3.

If it looks like a Chevrolet Aveo, it's because it is an Aveo.; While Americans have become accustomed to the Daewoo product wearing a bow-tie, Pontiac's sold the same vehicle with its emblems and split-grille in both Canada and Mexico for the past three years.; CAFE mandates, coupled with an increased demand in fuel-efficient small cars, prompted product planners to bring the G3 (aka "Wave" in Canada) to the U.S.

As the G3 uses the same 106-hp 1.6-liter I-4 as the Aveo, coupled either to a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic, the EPA figures are nearly identical - 27/34 mpg city/highway for a manual transmission car; 25/34 for one equipped with the automatic.

Pontiac hopes to discern its version from Chevrolet's by adding fog lamps, and air-conditioning as standard equipment.; Look for the G3 to arrive at dealers across the U.S. by the spring of 2009.

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