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2009 Mini Traveller


From the outside, the next Mini will look remarkably similar to the one now plying U.S. roads. The cabin, however, will boast a cleaner, more user-friendly design, and the Chrysler-derived engines will be replaced by new turbocharged powerplants developed in cooperation with PSA-Citroen. Power will stay modest at an estimated 140 hp (Cooper) and 170 (Cooper S).

With an estimated eighteen extra inches of length, the Mini Traveller should address the most common criticisms of the current car: a lack of space in the back for legs and luggage. Clamshell doors may be used to ease access to the rear. Mini hasn't actually decided what to badge this car, even though everyone already calls it the Traveller. Let's hope the company at least uses something more evocative than the names it has applied to recent concepts.