2009 Baja 300 - Lausitz, Germany

Mark Bramleyphotographer

There's something about vehicular mayhem that's just so gosh-darned fun to watch. And judging by the gasps of the crowd at the Baja 300, it's new to Germany. The brainchild of former World Rally Championship driver Armin Schwarz, the Baja 300 was staged in a coal quarry near the town of Lausitz. The complex course had trophy trucks, motocross bikes, rally cars, and dune-buggy racers jumping over one another, spraying each other with dirt, and, often, getting stuck. WRC drivers Gigi Galli and Petter Solberg, Baja racer B. J. Baldwin, and West Coast Choppers' Jesse James were among the participants. What the exhibition lacked in organization, it made up for in spectacle - as you can see.

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