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2008 RaceCraft 420S Mustang

Saleen Incorporated, best known for modifying high-performance Ford Mustangs and F-150s, has created a new entry-level performance vehicle line.

Racecraft, a name associated with Saleen suspensions, will now become a full Saleen brand that focuses on value, vehicle customization and "business first styling that puts go before show".

The first model in the Racecraft stable is a sub-$40,000 Mustang, called the 420S. It features a supercharged 420-hp V-8 engine, the signature Racecraft suspension, Bridgestone performance tires, lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, race-inspired graphics and special interior accents.

Comparatively, Saleen's least expensive current offering, the Mustang S281 3V, starts at $45,999 and features a less powerful V-8 (only 335 hp), the Racecraft suspension, and extensive exterior modifications such as a new grille, fascias, window trim, and graphics.

However, unlike attention-grabbing Mustangs such as the Saleen S281 3V, the company says Racecraft Mustang designs will be purposely understated. Saleen hopes this encourages enthusiasts to customize Racecraft vehicles through the company's SpeedLab performance parts division. With SpeedLab's help, Racecraft buyers can install new body kits, headlights, or decals to their Racecraft 'Stang, and even add 55 hp to their 420S without violating Racecraft's factory warranty (3 years/36,000 miles).

While the Mustang 420S is on sale now, Julie Zona, Racecraft Product Planning Director, said consumers should expect to see more Racecraft models as early as this fall.