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2008 Mazda6

Add another car to your "must-see" list of cars to be shown at the Frankfurt International Auto Show: Mazda has announced they will be bringing their completely redesigned Mazda6 to the party in Germany this fall.

Besides releasing the above photo of the car, which shows an evolution of Mazda's design language resembling that of the Mazda2, the automaker has not shared much else in the way of details about their new sedan.

Best guesses are that it will again share platform with a Ford sedan - most likely the Mondeo that debuted earlier this year in Europe - and that it will be a bit bigger (as new models so often are), especially in the rear seat area. Expect both four and six-cylinder engines will to remain available, with the 3.5-liter V-6 from the CX-9 likely slotting in to the top engine spot.