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2008 Hyundai Accent

Despite the cheap interior, tiny tires, and moderately goofy looks, this is one of the most fun cars I've driven lately. SE models get a neat B&M shifter and sport-tuned suspension. That helps balance out the 110-hp engine and makes the Accent a blast to toss around. I drove our long-term Infiniti G37 to the office yesterday morning and left with the Hyundai Accent. I honestly had a lot more fun in the Hyundai and it was easier to drive the Hyundai smoothly.

I didn't record gas mileage, but I'm positive the Accent has respectable consumption. When I filled the tank, which was about half full when I got to the station, it only cost $18.00. I'm sure there are a ton of buyers who would love to be able to fill up for less than $50.00 right now. This is one of the few cars that will let you do that.