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2008 Ford F 450 Super Duty hauling test

Who would have thought the Ford F-450 Super Duty could be the most economical vehicle?

The guys over at PickupTruck.com managed to find an economical use for Ford's gargantuan F-450 Super Duty. The California Wildlife Center needed two-cubic yards of dirt hauled in for a new feed garden that would benefit injured animals while they heal before being released back into the wild.

In true California fashion, most of the volunteers drive small cars that would take an eternity to move the 4,500 pounds of dirt. Mike Levine knew there was only one way to haul such a serious load in one trip: the 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty. With a cargo capacity of 5,720 pounds, the F-450 easily managed the entire load and the extra weight was barely noticeable. The truck actually rode much better with all that weight in the bed.