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2008 Cadillac BLS Wagon

Cadillac, seeking to boost slow sales of its Europe-only BLS sedan, is adding its first ever wagon to the lineup. The BLS wagon will be officially introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September, and the car itself will reach showrooms in Europe in November.

In addition to the new body style, Cadillac is adding two new engines to the BLS lineup. The first will be capable of running bio-ethanol fuel, and the second will be a powerful turbo-diesel engine making 180 horsepower. Those engines join a handful of turbo-diesel and gasoline engines offered in the BLS that are shared with other members of the European GM family.

The handsome wagon is equipped with all of the luxury features familiar from the sedan. Those features include power everything, a high-end Bose sound system, DVD navigation system, and Bluetooth connectivity. That last item is one that will only be available on the new CTS for the American market as a dealer installed option.