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2007 Mini Concept

Although Michigan is mostly as flat as a board, Mini designers apparently thought that the northern state is a winter sports wonderland when they produced the Mini Concept Detroit. This is the third concept car on a wagon theme that Mini has produced, after the equally imaginatively named Mini Concept Frankfurt and Mini Concept Tokyo. This one has the same clever swinging door arrangement and jewel of an interior, but loses its B pillars and adds some flexible cargo accommodations, startling silver paint, and pumped-up wheel-arch blisters. More important, Mini has announced that the car previews both the next-generation Mini Cooper, which debuts at the end of this year and goes on sale in early 2007, and the first modern Mini wagon, which goes on sale at the end of 2008. Mini hasn't decided on a name for its cool baby wagon yet, but we reckon Countryman and Traveler would be naturals.