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2007 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

The Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson returns as the ninth model since Ford and Harley-Davidson began their partnership in 1999. With the latest biker-branded F-150, Ford continues to leverage the brand loyalty of Harley motorcycle owners (and wannabes) to bring traffic to its showrooms. But whereas the previous Harley-Davidson F-150 didn't offer a lot mechanically to lure bikers to the Ford lot, this truck offers a substantial change over other F-150s in one important department: power.

Supercharged power, to be exact, thanks to a twin-screw unit such as that found in various Saleen products. This Harley produces 450 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, almost as much as the V-10-powered Dodge Ram SRT10s. And like that ballistic Ram, this truck will route its power through the rear wheels only.

Visually, the latest Harley-Davidson F-150 doesn't stray far from the theme set by its predecessors. There's black. There's chrome. Everywhere. Inside, you'll find black leather seats and piano black trim on the black dashboard. Oh wait, the shifter surround is chrome. To be fair, however, it's a handsome truck - all dark and menacing on its twenty-two-inch wheels. And if all the ebony is too much, you can also specify "Dark Amethyst" paint instead.

Be warned: the price for power and image is a steep one. Ford is asking $37,210 to start, not including the optional supercharger. For that, you'll need to fork over an additional 6500 big ones. Loyalty might bring Harley guys and girls into the showroom, but are they faithful enough to put out that kind of money for a play truck? Judging by sales of more than 60,000 Harley-Davidson F-150s since 1999, the answer seems to be a resounding "yes".