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2007 Dodge Ram BFT

The Chrysler people claim that BFT does not stand for what you think it does, instead suggesting less profane names like Big Fine Truck or Built For Towing.

In fact, it's more built for hauling. At a time when pickup cabs are growing and their cargo beds are shrinking, the BFT reverses that trend, with an extra-long, 10-foot cargo box. Advanced studio designer Scott Krugger's team started with a Ram 3500 HD Mega Cab dualie. They replaced the four-door Mega cab with a standard cab, which is two feet shorter.

They then custom-fabricated a 10-foot box from a standard 8-footer. The engine is a Cummins turbodiesel, naturally, with a prototype air intake and a custom exhaust (horsepower and torque figures are not yet available). The truck features a 6-inch Superlift kit and rolls on 22-inch, 10-lug wheels. Chrome tubular step bars and bed rails complete the look.