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2007 Dodge Charger Police Car

Check your detectors and raise your readiness to DEFCON 4. There's a new sheriff in town that's armed and ready to enforce. Equipped with a 340-hp Hemi V-8 and a stiffer suspension, the Dodge Charger in police trim is every perp's worst nightmare. During recent Michigan State Police tests, this new cruiser tromped Ford's Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and Chevrolet's Impala 9C1 in acceleration, braking, top speed, and lap times around Grattan Raceway. Chevy and Ford excelled only in the visibility and accessibility categories. To cross-check those findings, we borrowed the off-duty Charger black-and-white shown here. Its steering and suspension felt as serious as a San Quentin stay. Its Hemi engine rumbled like a Petty Racing refugee. The good news is that a Honda Civic Si is quicker to 60 mph. The bad news is that the 150-mph top end clocked by the cops is no exaggeration.