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2007 Chevrolet Groove Concept

The Groove is one of three concepts displayed at New York, all of which are built off of the next generation of GM's minicar architecture. (Chevy's current minicar, the Spark, is smaller than the Aveo and sold only in foreign markets.) The Groove has a bit of a hot-rod theme, with its squashed roof, high beltline, and upright windshield. GM Asia-Pacific design chief Dave Lyons likens it to a Chevy HHR, but less retro-and, obviously, much smaller. The Groove's hot-rod persona made it a natural candidate for GM to try out a low-gloss paint it's been working on. The dark purple color is ultra-metallic but low gloss. This concept is a styling exercise only, but package-wise it was designed around a 1.0-liter diesel engine and front-wheel drive. Chevy is gauging public reaction to the minicar concepts, and people are invited to vote for their favorite at vote4chevrolet.com. We don't want to prejudice the outcome, but inside word from the designers is that the Groove is the one they think is most likely for America.