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2007 Cadillac SRX: Finally, A New Interior!

Responding to criticism--a LOT of criticism--from the press and consumers, Cadillac has redesigned the interior of its SRX crossover. As seen in the images below, the most drastic changes are found on the center console, where a mess of square climate control buttons are replaced by two cleaner, more elegant dials. Chrome surrounds are added to the center console as well as the air vents, contributing to a more upscale look. Many sharp edges have been smoothed out as well, and the dashboard now flows smoothly into the door panels.

Like those of the STS-V and the XLR-V, the new SRX's interior uses a "cut and sew" construction process, by which real people, with real hands and real eyes, cut, sew, and wrap many components. How old-worldly of Cadillac! A new Bose surround sound audio system and East African Sapele Pommele wood top our list for desirable options to make this fine new interior even more enjoyable.