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1980s Citroën + 1920s Bicycle = 21st Century Tricycle

Italian architect gets creative with spare parts and batteries

The iconic Citroën 2CV was built in France and was a top-seller for 42 years. Over 5 million were produced, many have survived, and many did not. Doniselli has been building bicycles and tricycles in Italy since 1919.

Milan-based architect Luca Agnelli loves them both. He fused the front end of a 1980 Citroën 2CV with a 1929 Doniselli cargo bike to create this unique electric-assist tricycle. He calls it "2CV Paris" and it seems to be the perfect ride for distinguished cyclists.

The gray and black creation has black leather saddlebags with an umbrella holder; thick, 26-inch gray tires on spokes, and a sliver of a windshield to shield the pedal pusher from the wind. A 36V, 250-watt rear motor assists the rider and LED headlamps and turning signals lead the way.

Agnelli creates cool customized creations in his Milan, Italy workshop. He started his career as an antique furniture apprentice. Since 2015, Agnelli and his crew have been building incredible retro-styled electric vehicles out of batteries, spare parts, and lots of ingenuity.

Retro rides like this well-crafted one provide owners with a one-of-a-kind wonder that is sure to turn heads wherever you pedal too. It also has 6-speed transmission, a springy black Brooks seat, and a rear disc with front drum brakes to help slow it down.

The Citroën front end has shocks that allow access underneath the hood. There's enough space for a picnic basket for four, a blanket, bottle of wine, and a box of chocolates. Perfect for a romantic rendezvous or weekend getaway.