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This 1969 Fiat 850 Sport is Possibly the Coolest First Car We’ve Seen

19-year-old owner purchased the car before he even had a license

No matter what cars come after, your first car is always your most special. Just ask 19-year-old Loïc Maschi, the subject of the newest Petrolicious video. His little 1969 Fiat 850 was one of the driving forces behind his overwhelming passion for vintage cars.

He claims it all started with a toy car from when he was just six months old. As he grew up, he incubated his passion by covering vintage car events and rallies, culminating in the purchase of the 1969 Fiat featured in the video.

He purchased the Fiat at 16 years old, a good while before he even had a full license. In the interim period between learners permit and license, his parents tagged along while he drove the 850 around town.

Eventually, he began repairing little odds and ends around the car, snowballing to a full-bore restoration job. As the Fiat became more and more disassembled, Maschi's parents believed the car would never find its way back together. He took this as a challenge, and despite some setbacks with shoddy paintwork from an unscrupulous body shop, he finished the car right on time to display at a Concours he was invited to. On the show green, he was proud to show the car to his parents the complete car for the first time since disassembly.

Check out Maschi's gorgeous little 1969 Fiat 850 in the newest episode of Petrolicious below.