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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Pro Touring: Modern Makeover with Classic Roots

A project 29 years in the making

Eddy Guillu has had this 1967 Chevelle for over 29 years. Yep, way back then he was able to grab the Chevy for the, by today's standards, small sum of $600 and a 1980 Plymouth Horizon! This was at his dad's auto parts store in Chicago and the customer that owed it had come in for a thermostat and was just tired of the car. So a deal was made and Eddy took possession. No word on whatever became of the Plymouth.

Fast-forward a few decades and Eddy was ready to give the Chevelle a total transformation into a Pro Touring ride that could run at events like the Optima Ultimate Street Car series. For this he enlisted the help of Hot Rod Chassis and Cycles (HRCC), (and their Skunkworks Racing Division) in Addison, Illinois, to make it all happen.

First on the agenda was coming up with a plan so HRCC knocked out a rendering. The idea was to shoot the body in 2009 Mitsubishi Maizen Blue and add an off-white, and off-center, racing stripe with Chevy Orange accents. The body was made laser straight but kept its vintage vibe. Of course there were updates like fiberglass bumpers, a custom front air dam, and an integrated rear spoiler. Billet Badges was commissioned to whip up a full set of SS376 badges for the worked-over A-body.

The stock chassis was boxed with a kit from ABC Performance and fitted with a RideTech Stage III system to help in the handling department. Braking duties will be easily handled by a full complement of Wilwood Aero6 calipers riding behind American Racing VN427 wheels wrapped in high-performance rubber (245/40R18 front and 295/35R18 rear).

The Chevelle will be powered by a Chevrolet Performance supercharged LSA 376-inch mill backed up by a TREMEC Magnum six-speed from Hurst Driveline Conversions. Rounding out the driveline is a McLeod RST Street Twin clutch, housed in a Quick Time bellhousing, which sends the power back to the Moser 9-inch with 3.73 gears. The combo is good for just over 500 ponies to the rear tires.

The interior will be a mix of street and track with a Vintage Air system for comfort and a RideTech TigerCage, along with a complete fire suppression system, for safety. Other tidbits include a complement of Stewart-Warner gauges to track the vitals, a Driven steering wheel to control direction, and a pair of leather Recaro seats to keep the driver, and lucky passenger, firmly in place. By the time you see this the Chevelle should be on the road. To see more be sure to visit www.hotrodchassisandcycle.com.