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14th Annual King of the Hammers Mega Gallery

Scenes and rigs from the most epic off-roading festival of the year.

King of the Hammers just celebrated its 14th year of serial pilgrimages to the makeshift desert city of "Hammertown" in Johnson Valley, California. It was total insanity.

The weeklong festival of racing kicked off with the Can-AM UTV race and featured a variety of racing events including the Toyo Desert Invitational, King of the Mottos, and 4WP Every Man Challenge.

Headlining the 2020 KOH festival was the 4400-class title race, the official Nitto King of the Hammers, where competitors tackled rock crawling, mountain climbs, descents, and high-speed desert runs for a chance to be crowned king. Josh Blyler conquered the obstacles in the green number 41 "BigB" Ultra4 vehicle and finished in first place to take home the $125,001 grand prize.

Another notable champion, Bryce Menzies, pushed his T1 desert race truck to take the checkered flag in the Toyo Desert Invitational and won a whopping $100,000. In the 4800 class of the 4WP Every Man Challenge race, Brad Lovell made it to the finish line only 28 seconds ahead of Seth Van Dyke to win first place.

If you weren't able to partake in the dirt-filled rager this year, don't let that stop you from taking a visual tour of the most epic off-roading event of 2020.

Photography by Nicole Dreon, Paolo Baraldi, Richard Giordano, Nicolas Stevenin, and Ryan Del Ponte