11 of the Latest Books Worth Your Time

Required reading for enthusiasts

Porsche 912: 50 Years

By Jurgen Lewandowski $55, Delius Klasing

After years in the shadow of its big brother, the Porsche 912 gets its due with an in-depth look at its history and development in this gorgeous and lovingly compiled, 176-page ode to the four-cylinder, would-be 911.

The BMW Century The Ultimate Performance Machines

The BMW Century: The Ultimate Performance Machines

By Tony Lewin $50, Motorbooks

From R32 motorcycle to the i8 automobile, this BMW bible gives quick takes on 100 years of BMW machines, including the airplane engines that lifted the Bavarian company off the ground.

Total Competition Lessons in strategy from Formula One

Total Competition: Lessons in strategy from Formula One

By Ross Brawn and Adam Parr $25, Simon & Schuster U.K.

There are too many attempts to make connections to “Art of War,” and the Q and A format is questionable for a book, but Brawn still provides interesting thoughts and anecdotes worth an F1 nut’s time.

Stirling Moss The Definitive Biography

Stirling Moss: The Definitive Biography, Volume 1

By Philip Porter $43, Porter Press

Publisher Porter calls this 672-page behemoth “a biography worthy of Britain’s greatest racing driver.” Plan a long vacation of reading, because this is only the first installment, covering the period from Moss’ birth to his first Grand Prix win in 1955.

30 30


By Jay Koka $45, Knightbridge Publishing

Automotive Fine Art Society (AFAS) member Jay Koka picks what he feels are his most impactful automotive paintings, one from each year of his 30-year career, and compiles them in this linen-covered book.

Driverless Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead

Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead

By Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman $30, The MIT Press

Autonomous vehicles are coming and with them the largest technological and cultural shift to date. This easy-to-read book offers a holistic view of the autonomous car’s potential impacts, good and bad.

Can Am 50th Anniversary

Can-Am 50th Anniversary

By George Levy $60, Motorbooks

For nine delirious years, Can-Am racing dared challengers to build some of the most powerful, most innovative, and most death-defying cars motorsports has ever known. Levy takes a thoughtful look at the ultimate racing series.

Pontiac Firebird 50 Years

Pontiac Firebird: 50 Years

By David Newhardt $50, Motorbooks

Fifty years ago, John Z. Delorean followed up the GTO with the Camaro-based Firebird, and the muscle-car wars were never the same again. All the gory details contained within.

Kussmaul Chronicles

Kussmaul Chronicles

By Craig Watkins $65, SmartRacing Products

Roland Kussmaul helped engineer and develop every race car Porsche has built since 1975. The author gives Kussmaul a platform from which to share stories from his 42-year career with Porsche.

Deuce The Original Hot Rod

Deuce: The Original Hot Rod

By Mike Chase $50, Motorbooks

What car better encapsulates hot rod culture than Ford’s “Deuce” coupe? Chase’s 224-page book is a celebration of the 1932 model and all the chopped coupes with notched frames that sprouted from it.

Ferrari 70 Years

Ferrari 70 Years

By Dennis Adler $40, Motorbooks

For the casual Ferrari enthusiast, Adler’s latest coffee table compendium explores seven decades of the cavallino rampante with plenty of pretty color photos to smudge with your fingers.