The Wienermobile Visits Automobile

Ann Arbor—

A typical Tuesday afternoon turned exciting when the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stopped by the offices of Automobile Magazine. The employee shackles were unlocked and staff members regressed further into early childhood, staring agog at the giant rolling hot dog.

Those taillights sure do look familiar...

The Wienermobile was first born in 1936, but the current version dates back to 1995. We were lucky enough to see one of the two Wienermobile flagships, updated for the 2000 model year with GPS, ABS, and and audio/video center. While the Wienermobile seats six, it’s no weeniebago—drivers spend their nights inside hotel rooms.

Larger, heavier, and more powerful, this jumbo dog is a Lamborgweenie compared to the older Wienermobiles. Power comes from GM’s 5.7-liter Vortec engine. The interior features a bun roof, relish-colored seats, and a carpet pattern that looks like the aftermath of a picnic food fight.

Check out the aerodognamic profile

Hot Doggers Chaia Odoms and Brade Locke were on hand to give us a tour, and we grilled them about their jobs. Weinermobile pilots go through a training course at Hot Dog High, where the learn how what it takes to be top dogs. Hot Doggers really have to cut the mustard—only 12 finalists are picked from about 1,000 applicants.

Brad Locke and Chaia Odoms relish the job.

Typically each of the six Wienermobiles traveling the country cover about 200,000 miles per year going to parades, schools, and special events like the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby. We were grateful for such a bunderful opportunity to check out the newest hot dog hotrod.

We're all out of puns, er, buns

You can buy a Weeniewhistle (they’re cheap) by heading to the Oscar Mayer website and clicking on the Oscar Mart.

Sometimes they get sandwiched in traffic