Phillip Thomas

Rsed deep in the heart of Texas, Phillip’s hot rodding career began in the form of a battery-swapped 12-volt Power Wheels Jeep, which was capable of standing on the rear bumper across the entire driveway. His father quickly realized that more speed was necessary and quickly put Phillip’s hands onto a go-cart, before mowing a eighth-mile dirt oval track and road course in an empty field near their home. It was all over, from there - and it too was later engine swapped for more power. Time “off-track” as a kid was spent in the garage, watching his father build his 396-swapped 1974 Camaro (totally 80s paint scheme: red with orange hockey stripe) and daily-driven ‘78 El Camino while dreaming of the day they’d start on the 1950 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe lying dormant in the driveway.

He recently Roadkilled his 1969 CST/10 cross-country to join HOT ROD in California, and is currently struggling to understand how Californians digest what they call BBQ.

Articles by Phillip Thomas