Jamie Kitman

New York Bureau Chief

Jamie Kitman

Jie Kitman, a lawyer and rock band manager, contributed to Automobile Magazine in its first year, when its editor bought a story he'd written while in law school about attending a Volvo market research session in Boston.

"Earn $75 if you thought about buying a Volvo and didn't!" read the classified ad that changed his life.

After several years freelancing, he became a columnist for Automobile Magazine in 1991 and has now written more than 250 columns as well as numerous features for the periodical, in the process becoming its New York Bureau Chief. He'd also serve for many years as a columnist and US editor for England's CAR and Top Gear magazines.

In 2009, Kitman won a National Magazine Award for commentary for his columns on the collapse of Detroit, marking the first time a car magazine had ever won an NMA. Earlier, he won the IRE Medal for Investigative Magazine Reporting for his in-depth review of the history of leaded gasoline for The Nation, as well as several other awards.

A frequent contributor to GQ, The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Autoweek, Harper's, and other publications, Kitman writes an occasional blog for NPR's Car Talk and Yahoo!

Kitman's musical musical charges include They Might Be Giants, Mike Doughty, Moon Hooch, Deslicate Steve, and Vandaveer. Former clients include OK Go, Violent Femmes, The La's, Meat Puppets, Pere Ubu, Edwyn Collins, Beautiful South, Trashcan Sinatras, Mike Viola, and Yo La Tengo.

The father of three children, Kitman lives in a river town not far from Manhattan, where he divides his time between the company of brand-new test cars and 29 old cars.

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