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Ed Tahaney

Iove things that move. My first ride growing up in New Jersey at the age of 10 was a rebuilt, mini-bike with no brakes, a lawnmower engine, and a pull string for the throttle. Bruce Springsteen would call it a “suicide machine” and it was…awesome.

I learned how to drive cars in the Great Plains of North Texas. My first car was an abused, second-generation Camaro — a black beast with a fiberglass fin. I thought it could make better donuts than Dunkin’.

Since then, I’ve logged over a million miles across North and South America in everything from creaky Citroëns to brand new Harley-Davidsons fresh off of the production line.

As a car columnist for the New York Daily News, I stuffed a dozen coworkers into a Volkswagen Beetle, raced Porsches in the rain at Road Atlanta, and traded motorcycle tales with Billy Idol in the back of his limo — a tricked out Ford Excursion.

These days, I’m living the dream in sunny Southern California with my sassy co-pilot, Carolina, and our skittish pit bull, Bonnie. I’m also more than happy to be driving the latest models at Automobile and am always searching for things that move me — and hopefully you too.

The road less traveled is a scary place, but you can usually find me on it, hauling ass, taking photos, and looking for a good spot to eat along the way.

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