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2015 Tesla Model S 70 D Front Three Quarter

2015 Tesla Model S 70 D Becomes Electric Sedan's Base Model

All-wheel drive now comes standard.
Tesla Model X Prototype Spied Front Three Quarters

Tesla Model X Crossover Spotted Testing in California

All-electric seven-seater expected to arrive later this year.
2014 Tesla Model S Silver

Tesla Model S Software Update 6.2 Helps Avoid Range Anxiety

Auto-steer function coming in the near future.

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2015 Tesla Model S 70D Front Three Quarter Motion 3

2015 Tesla Model S 70D: Around the Block

The novelty goes mainstream.
0906 02 Pl+2009 Tesla Roadster+front Three Quarters View

First Drive: 2009 Tesla Roadster

If this is the future of cars, enthusiasts have nothing to worry about.

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2014 Tesla Model S Detroit

Detroit 2014: Tesla Full of Confidence, Announces Fourth-Quarter Sales Boost

Tesla reports that fourth-quarter sales were twenty percent above expectations.
0611 Pl+Tesla Roadster Preproduction+rear

2007 Tesla Roadster

All that Martin Eberhard really wanted was an electric car that was at least as practical and convenient as the succession of old, wretched $500 clunkers that he'd driven as a young electrical engineer, such paragons of automotive efficiency as the Lincoln Con
0611 Pl+Tesla Roadster Preproduction+rear

2007 Tesla Roadster

The 135-mph Tesla Roadster might change everything you know about electric cars.

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