2013 Honda Accord Touring

Patrick M Hoey

The 2013 Honda Accord is not a particularly exciting car, but it's a solid sedan that displays extensive evidence of outstanding engineering. Visibility out of the car is absolutely fantastic; I don't remember the last time I drove a car with such a low dashboard and unobstructed view. The instruments aren't particularly pretty, but they are bright and clear enough that you can get all the information you need with just a quick glance. The V-6 is ridiculously smooth and quiet, barely making a peep even if you stand on it, and it was only when paying careful attention that I noticed the shifting of the automatic transmission. In keeping with Honda's much-touted "Man Maximum" philosophy, the Accord puts the needs of its driver ahead of all other design criteria.

The new LaneWatch system uses the navigation display to show the view to the right-rear of the car when you signal right or manually turn on the feature. It's the sort of innovation that isn't strictly necessary -- you could simply use the mirror and turn your head -- but it soon proves its worth when dissecting traffic on a dark drive home. Having already manually checked if it was clear, I was just about to change lanes to the right when the LaneWatch monitor revealed a car that had swapped lanes and was zipping past me to the right -- conflict avoided. I have no doubt this feature will prevent collisions in hectic traffic, especially at those annoying entrances to cloverleaf freeway ramps where entering and exiting drivers constantly battle for position.

Jake Holmes, Associate Web Editor

No front-wheel-drive mid-size sedan is particularly thrilling, but I have an especially difficult time getting excited about the Honda Accord given how much everyone else seems to love it. A comparably equipped Nissan Altima would be fine with me.

The instrument displays that Honda uses look very dated to me. Despite being generously sized, the main display in the dashboard that shows navigation or audio information can’t handle basic tasks like displaying the entire name of a band or song title from SiriusXM. Instead of seeing the entire title of a song, you’re treated to a fraction of the title on the display and acres of blue screen around it. There’s more than enough real estate to display the full artist and song title, but Honda uses the space inefficiently.

Don’t get me wrong, as the Accord does everything very well. It just doesn’t feel any different than the last Accord. Or any other mid-sizer, really. Honda products used to stand out from the competition with surprisingly good driving dynamics and superior interior quality. Now the brand is living on its (well-deserved) reputation for building quality cars that have superior reliability. The current Accord just comes across a little blander than its predecessors did.

Phil Floraday, Senior Web Editor

This isn't the most interesting-looking car (much like every other new Honda, I think). But I'd be very happy to put a new Honda Accord in my driveway, nevertheless. It drives very well. It’s sporty when you want it to be, then comfortable and confident the rest of the time.

I wish Honda offered the sedan powered by the V-6 with a manual transmission, but even the sedan with a four-cylinder and the manual proved very appealing to a guy like me. Sampling the automatic transmission in this test car further solidifies my opinion that the Honda Accord is one of the very best mid-size cars extant. (My top pick wavers back and forth between the Accord and the new Ford Fusion). As far as family duty is concerned, I can't recall a sedan with larger rear door openings than this, and this makes it very simple to load my squirming kids and their bulky car seats.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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Just purchased in July 2013, a Honda Accord EX-L Touring V-4 ......its a beautiful car and drives like a dream over 50 KLM per Hour but when driving under under  50 KLM per Hour  the transmission is always changing gears which makes for a very annoying and difficult driving experience. When apply the Brakes and bringing the Car  to a complete stop.... the Transmission changes gears at the last second and the car lurches forward ??  It is a "very Jerky Ride under 50 KLM per hour "  ....Not very good coming from Honda ? I have owned three previous Honda's and never had an issue once but this is a real problem that I hope Honda corrects ..........and soon.  Has any other 2013 Honda owner experienced this ?

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