2013 Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline

Patrick M Hoey

On paper, the Challenger Rallye Redline looks pretty excessive. The engine has only six cylinders, but it still makes 305 hp, enough to hustle this car around at police-annoying speeds. The stereo, which is the second of three levels (it's an optional extra, but audiophiles can pay extra for a more capable setup), is ear-splittingly loud. The wheels are 20-inchers; while this won't impress your local rap superstar, they're still really big. "Really big" also describes the Challenger's body, which appears to have eaten a smaller muscle car on its way to your driveway.

With that said, the V-6 Rallye Redline Challenger is a good trim level because it's less excessive than you might think. The car rides well and has a comfortable interior (albeit one you can't see out of), while the V-6 engine will return 27 mpg EPA highway. The Challenger doesn't handle like a Mustang or a Camaro, and it would lose to both in a drag race (to be honest, it handles like a pull-out couch and would lose to a 2013 Honda Accord V-6 coupe in the quarter-mile), but most Challenger V-6 drivers couldn't care less.

The Challenger Rallye Redline brings all of the muscle car look and feel to the table but skips the huge gas bills, weighty clutch pedal, stiff suspension, and expensive tires. In other words, it ticks all of the right boxes for "muscle car looks" but leaves the questions of performance to other cars.

Ben Timmins, Associate Web Editor

God bless remote start. Not only does it warm the car in single-digit winter temperatures but it also makes it easier for me to tolerate having an automatic transmission in such a sporty car.

It seems silly that the automatic transmission has only five forward speeds, though, what with the related Charger offering an eight-speed automatic with this engine. While we’re talking about fundamental engineering changes that don’t make sense for Chrysler’s bottom line, it’d also be wonderful if the Challenger were about a foot narrower. This car feels simply massive, so even though it looks sporty, it doesn’t feel that way.

The Redline model looks pretty cool in red and black. Even the wheels have red rings on the perimeter and red on the inner-bowl portion. I also love this vintage-style hood. In this instance, being straight outta 1970 is a good thing.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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Fares Al-saket
Mohammad Abd Habahbeh
Angus B Haggis
Now with only 14, 000 sq.metres of sheet metal!
Edward Colón
Still too heavy.
Tu Tran
In other words, it ticks all of the right boxes for "muscle car looks" but leaves the questions of performance to other cars = posers? lol. I'll never give up three pedals!!!
Glacier Gautham
my fav company
Ronald Bodenbach
I agree H.P. I Just purchased a 2014 Rallye Redline fully loaded. I think the money spent on comfort and convenience is much better than money spent for power I could never use in the city. I guess I could race between red lights like the kids do racking up tickets and fuel costs. Unless you're on the track there's no point in the power or the extra pedal. 
H.P. Lovecraft
Tu Tran : It means the the Challenger is the most spacious and comfortable of the big three pony cars. The Rallye Redline is especially comfy and real snappy looking if you get the optional red/grey interior. Its a solid built car with enough power for anyone over 25 and it's a head turner. Plus, for city driving (in Los Angeles) an automatic with 6 cylinders and a sport mode is the best option for a Challenger.I own one and I love it. If I lived in a city with a lot more open space I would pick up a manual RT Classic, SRT8 or Yellow Jacket. Also, even on open track testing the automatic smoked the manual transmission. They are making automatic gearboxes better every year.

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